Thanks for stopping by. We are a collective of creative thinkers, makers and doers who wanted to volunteer our talents to help our fellow humans in crisis.

While the names below may have created this site, we did so to connect our entire industry to the hospitals, healthcare workers and humanitarian groups who likely don’t know the vast resources we can provide.

A full-service experiential marketing agency based in NYC and Austin, TX. N/A is equal parts creative, production and technical — combining all three disciplines to create a new breed of agency. 
OzTech is a team of multidisciplinary creators who are passionate about using technology and design to enhance your brand presence. We will take your project to the next level.
Champions of creativity, invention and technology. A B2B public relations firm that crafts stories for global business visionaries.
Strategist helping brands, agencies and creators become the most powerful version of themselves. Believer in the limitless power of empathy and collaboration to uncover disruptive ideas and solutions to big challenges. Always up for coffee.
Digital director and founder of NextArt, a consultancy that inspires people with the possibilities of tech. She serves as an independent creative consultant to agencies and companies looking to integrate new uses of technology.
While we’re doing our best to make sure that the right partners reach the right people — make sure to always do your due diligence and make sure you both feel good about your working relationship. Cheers.